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I was so excited to do a Mario theme for Landon’s fifth birthday party this year! Here’s some of my inspiration, pictures from our actual party with links where you can get everything. This party, planning too, was so much fun and so cute!

We started with these adorable invitations I snagged from JenPenguinDesign on Etsy. I received a personalized digital file within 24 hours of purchase for an awesome price!

We actually ordered our cake from Walmart! They had a whole collection of Mario Kart/Racing cakes & cupcakes. They had a one tier as well and cupcakes (which we also ordered). 

Although racing wasn’t really our theme, Landon loves anything on wheels so he was happy about it and he got to keep the Mario & Luigi cars to play with later so it was definitely worth it! 

Aside from Mario & Luigi in their cars, the other characters we added on to the cake. I ordered them on Amazon just to give the cake a little something extra. You can find them here!

Next up is our super cute banner, pictured above also. We also found this on Amazon (link below)! These things transform any room into instant party so they’re a must have. We surround ours with color coordinated balloons to make it really pop!


We got black balloons and put little gold coins in them. The bomb top and feet and eyes are just cardboard & paper that we painted and stuck on. 

The kids (with adult supervision) got a chance to throw a dart at them until they popped and whoever’s “bomb” had the most coins in it won a prize!

So, these actually took a little bit to make.. but they came out super cute! And the kids loved them!

Instead of the traditional pinata, we cut out the bottom of each box and wrapped each with wrapping paper. There was candy & favors in each box and the kids could jump up and punch a box for their prizes!

We gave each these adorable cups undefinedto collect their winnings with!

I didn’t get to get a lot of pictures before the snacks were gone!

But here’s where I got some of the ideas:

All of our party supplies came from

Party Supplies

These cute little hats, banners, table cloths, centerpieces, cups, etc. They have an awesome collection of Mario themed items! I didn’t get these mustaches, but I wish I would have!!

Of course, last but not least, the most awesome little boy with cupcake all over his face modeling his Duit Mommy Designs Mario & Luigi birthday shirt which he absolutely LOVED!